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In the post -epidemic period, the healing journey has a dream -Swiss chapter

The spring of 2022 has arrived. For high golfers, the green travel that is blocked by the epidemic may soon start. The appearance of living around the world has changed a lot, but many golf events are always in progress. How can he heal in the post -epidemic era? Only swing. At this moment, you may wish to collect a few beautiful habitats from high -ball destinations, and inspire the upcoming green journey.


Natural enthusiasts do not miss Switzerland. In this fertile soil with extremely rich outdoor sports, golf also has a place. Under the shelter of the wonderful lakes and mountains, people walking to this holiday paradise obviously will not only play as simple as playing.

Kulm Hotel (Kulm Hotel)

Granden is the “largest state in Switzerland” and is also the first vacation destination in Switzerland. It is the hometown of Little Heidi and the paradise for ski lovers. In particular, St. Moritz, which has been held for two Winter Olympics, is an eternal natural leisure destination for European and even world travelers. The Kurm Hotel is located in the center of the town of San Moritz and a golden location at an altitude of 1856 meters. The hotel has the best lake in Lake St. Moritz, which makes the living guests as if they are in heaven and are surrounded by natural and beautiful scenery. This historic hotel adheres to the way of hospitality for 160 years, bringing guests with super five -star modern courtesy.

Ultima Crans-Montana

Clean Montana is located in the center of the Alps in the French -French -French -French -French -French -French -French -French -French -French -French -French -French -French -French -French -side Alps traveler destinations of the four seasons. It also has the first golf course in the Alps. Tittima Kleine Montana Resort belongs to the Mittima Hotel series, with many most spectacular scenery in Europe, such as the Matthong peak, Blann peak, and the Rona Valley. The resort consists of two luxurious wooden houses, with amazing interior comparable to the beautiful landscape. Travelers can reach the wooden house from Zurich or Geneva. This quiet heaven provides 4,500 square meters of sufficient activity space, providing all custom services for luxury five -star hotels.


Wei Shengmei (right)

The Crans-Sur-Sierre Golf Club in Clean Montana is the place of the DP World Tour (formerly European Tour) European Masters. The European Masters was founded in 1923 and has a long history, including “White Tiger” Lee-Vestwood, “Saint” Sergio Garcia, “Big Brother” Els, and The former American Masters Champions Dennie-Willites and other famous players have won the cup here. In 2006, the LPGA player Wei Shengmei had come to the competition from the other card, and competing with men’s players to compete in the same game at the time.

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