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In the post -epidemic period, the healing journey has a dream -Qatar Chapter

The spring of 2022 has arrived. For high golfers, the green travel that is blocked by the epidemic may soon start. The appearance of living around the world has changed a lot, but many golf events are always in progress. How can he heal in the post -epidemic era? Only swing. At this moment, you may wish to collect a few beautiful habitats from high -ball destinations, and inspire the upcoming green journey.


Qatar is definitely a unique destination for exploring exotic style and Middle East culture. In addition to the luxurious desert cultural experience and folk customs, Qatar’s museums, architecture, art, etc. are worthy of in -depth exploration. The Winter World Cup in 2022 will also be held in Qatar, and believes that fans around the world will gather here.


Scott Katar hold the cup

In addition, Gaoqiu enthusiasts can also experience the fiery atmosphere of the DP World Tour (formerly European Tour) Masters of Qatar. Founded in 1998, the Qatar Masters is an important stop in the DP World Tour. The famous players once held the cup here.

Zulal Wellness Resort

Khasooma, located in the private coast area northern Qatar, Zulal Wellness Resort is a unique health paradise, dedicated to bringing unique and luxurious health vacation experiences to tourists. The resort was created by Qatar’s leading real estate developer MSHEIREB Properties. As the first health resort in the Middle East, it provides guests with unique services and recuperation methods based on Arab and Islamic health concepts and capture local traditional ingredients.

Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som will officially open on March 29, 2022. Zulal Wellness Resort is Qatar’s largest health and health destination, and it is also the first experience center in the world to combine contemporary health concepts and Arabia-Islamic traditional medicine (TAIM). The resort is divided into two areas in the hotel, Zulal Serenity, a tranquil resort for adult guests, and the exploration resort Zulal Discovery, which invites guests to share the recreation journey.

Zulal Wellness Resort is managed by the global well-known Kangyang Pioneer Chi-SOM, which leads to the transformation of lifestyle. Chiva-SOM flagship resort in Huaxin, Thailand, has 26 years of health management experience. As the largest immersive health health resort in the Middle East and Qatar, Zulal was built by Qatar’s top real estate developer MSHEIREB Properties.

Zulal Wellness Resort offers two health vacations: Zulal Serenity, a tranquility resort, and exploring Zulal Discovery in the resort.

Zulal Serenity mainly receives guests of the age of 16 and above. There are 60 guest rooms and suite in the area to provide a quiet atmosphere and residence for guests’ recreation journey. Here, the seven health experiences are tailor -made for adults. More recreational facilities include hot therapy and spa suites, indoor and outdoor pools, complete gyms, fitness studios, advanced technical physiotherapy rooms and beauty centers.

Zulal Discovery is established for family guests, and health is the component of family bonds, and tailor -made health care experiences for people in different ages. Children and family guest consultants have designed many facilities to promote family interaction for the area. This area has 120 rooms and suite.

In Zulal Wellness Resort, guests can enjoy a tailor -made recreational service based on personalized health needs and lifestyle targets. All recreational holiday packages include accommodation, diet, recreational consulting, daily care experience, and unlimited use of recreational facilities and group activities. Surrounded by resorts in the vast desert, each room can overlook the sea. In addition, the “electronic product abstinence” measures set up in the public areas can make guests regain their energy throughout the state of disconnection electronic products.

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