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In the post -epidemic period, the healing journey has a dream -Malaysia Chapter

The spring of 2022 has arrived. For high golfers, the green travel that is blocked by the epidemic may soon start. The appearance of living around the world has changed a lot, but many golf events are always in progress. How can he heal in the post -epidemic era? Only swing. At this moment, you may wish to collect a few beautiful habitats from high -ball destinations, and inspire the upcoming green journey.


Malaysia has many world -class golf courses. The unique natural geographical conditions and convenient and high -quality professional service facilities have made the “Malaysian swing journey” the first choice for tropical leisure vacations in the hearts of more and more golfers.

The Data Langkawi (The Datai Langkawi)

Data Lankawa Resort is located in the ancient rain forests of tens of millions of years, back to the primitive mountains. Here you can overlook the Datai Bay in the world’s top ten most beautiful beaches in the “National Geographic” magazine. In this natural rich place, the physical and mental of travelers will also get great rest and release. There are many facilities and experience packages in the resort to meet the overall health needs of guests. For golf friends, the Els Club Datai Bay Stadium designed by the resort and designed by Erne Els is also an indispensable vacation experience. As soon as the 2014 stadium opened, it was named “Asia -Pacific Best New Stadium”. Each of the almost golfs can enjoy the fun of natural golf under the rich surrounds of this tropical rain forest.

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