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In the fourth day of the champion league group, the first day of the small special G-Wilson 200 shots broke hundreds of shots


Jade Trump in the game

In the early morning of January 6, Beijing time, the 2023 Snooker Champions League (Invitational Edition) fourth group ended the competition of the first competition day.Jade Trumpu temporarily ranked first in the group with 3 wins, 1 loss and 3 points.G-Wilson, who replaced Zhao Xintong’s participation, blasted 3 shots in a single game, and his career reached 200.

The 2023 Snooker Champions League (Invitational Version) competition is divided into 4 time periods. December 19-22, 2022 will play in Group 1 and 2, and January 3-6, 2023.In the 4th group of the 4th group, the 5th and 6th groups were held on February 7-10, the 7th group of the 7th group was held on February 27-28, and the champion group, the 7 group championships on March 1-2Final final.

The defending champion of the event was the “wizard” John Higgins, Scotland.There are 24 players invited to the competition, 7 in the first group, 3 in the 2-6 group, and 2 in the 7th group.Each group first conducts a single -cycle ranking. The top 4 entered the semi -finals, the fifth place directly entered the next group, and the four people entered the semi -finals. The champion entered the championship group.


2023 Snooker Champions League (Invitational Edition) Group 4 of the 4th group

In the first three group competitions that have been completed, Jack Lisovsky, Stuart Binham from the first group, and K-Wilson won the champion of the first to 3rd group to advance to the champion group; fromThe Matthew Selt in the 1st group, Robert Mirkins from the 2nd Group, and Mark Serbie and Rich Wharton from the 3rd Group 3, and the defending champion John-Hids, Jade Trump, and G-Wilson who replaced Zhao Xintong continued to compete in the fourth group.


2023 Snooker Champions League (Invitational Edition) Group 4 Specific Fruit on the first day

In the first day of the fourth group that ended in the early morning of January 6, Jad Trump had swept Rich Wharton and Mark Serbi with 3-0, and defeated G-Wilson 3-1After the 3-game winning streak, I lost to Matthew Selt with 1-3, and finally ranked first in the group with 3 wins and 1 loss and 3 points; John Higgins was 3-1, 3-2And 3-1, defeated Matthew Selt, Robert Millkins and Mark Selt, respectively. The 3 wins won 3 points. Only the disadvantage of 1 net victory was temporarily listed in the group.

Robert Mirkins ranked third with the advantages of 3 wins, 2 wins, 1 loss, and 1 net victory.EssenceG-Wilson is temporarily ranked fifth.Richon Wharton’s three battles are all negative, and if there are 3 games left, it is likely to be eliminated.


2023 Snooker Champions League (Invitational Edition) The 4th group of the 4th group broke the list on the first day


G-Wilson 3-2 Rich-Wharton

On the first game day, a total of 9 shots were scored, and G-Wilson played 3 shots in the match against Rich Wharton. Among them, the pole of the final game was the 200th of his personal career.The pole was broken, and Rich Wharton tried 147 in the fourth inning and scored only 104 points.In addition, G-Wilson made a total of 4 more than a hundred, and it was the one with the largest 100 of the day. Among them, 138 points scored in the second game of Robert Millkins, the highest score in the current group.

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