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In the first round of the Joyburg Open Open, Bradbury led the Tournament in the first round



On November 25th, Beijing time, the 2023 DP World Tour-the Joyan Open kicked off at the Houghton GC of Johannesburg, South Africa, and the first round of competition failed to end due to thunderstorm weather. England player Dan Bradbury scored 63 shots on Thursday, which was less than 8 standard rods, and tied the stadium record. Although he swallowed Bali in the last hole, he still kept the club.


Dan-Bradley’s first round scoring card

Starting from the 10th hole in Bradley, the audience caught 2 eagles and 7 birds, swallowed 1 cypress and 1 double cypress, handed over 63 (-8), tied the stadium The lowest rot record, leading German player Nick Bachem (64).

“Fairness is a good thing, I really can’t complain about 63, right?” Bradberg said, “I got a little motivation in the last nine caves, and then (the first) thunderstorm obviously prevented it from it. “,”

The game was interrupted by storm in the afternoon, causing nearly half of the players in the audience to complete the game.


The first round leader list

French player Romain Langasque surrendered 65 shots, ranking third in the ranking. His compatriot Clement Berardo completed 11 holes, hit 6 below the standard rod, and caught 4 birds before the game.

The Joyburg Open is the first game of the 2023 DP World Tour, and the other two games will be held in South Africa in December.

Sina Golf will bring you the DP World Tour at 18:00 this afternoon-the second round of the live broadcast of the game in the second round of the Johannesburg Open is not bad!

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