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In the first round of the Hainan Open, Cao Sen’s head, Ma Chengyao, 9 birds led together

On December 8th, the 2022 Hainan Golf Open, co-sponsored by the China Golf Association and Hainan Provincial Tourism, Culture, Radio, Film and Sports Department-the Chinese Men’s Professional Tour kicked off at the Boao Forum Golf Club.Ma Chengyao, the leader of the China Tour Bonus List, and Cao Sen, a professional rookie, scored 63 (-9) single-round results to jointly lead the first round of the game; the Chinese Golf Association Qimeng team member Chen Zihao 6 birds, 6 birds, 6 birds, 6 birds, 6 birds, 6 birds, 6 birds.With 66 (-6), it is temporarily ranked third alone.


Ma Chengyao’s first round score card

Ma Chengyao, who is currently leading the bonus list of the middle tour, admits that this position has made himself “Alexander”, so he sets his recent goals to fight for every ball.The formulation of the goal before this game allowed him to get the feedback in the first round of the event -the record of 9 birds 0 Bai Bai became the best single round of Ma Chengyao’s career.”It’s really a particularly perfect day. It is good to play well, the weather is good, lucky, and the push pole can be pushed. Of course, it is inseparable from my efforts.” Talking about the three days in the next three days, Ma Chengyao said”This is just the first day. The results today will not affect the next few days. I will still resolutely perform the play plan before the game. In summary, this court is suitable for me.”


Cao Sen’s head

A 15-yard bird push to help 24-year-old young teenager Cao Sen also led with Ma Chengyao with a single-wheel-9 score.I have a lot of surprises. “Cao Sen’s first round of matches are in the same group as the university alumni Bai Zhengkai. This is also a reason why Bai Zhengkai believes that he has played well today.Yes, it is very relaxed today. “

The 16-year-old amateur player Zhou Ziqin participated in his amateur this time. Xin Chikun, who was also an amateur player, handed over 68 (-4) in the fourth place.Zhou Ziqin set off from the 10th hole in this round, and opened the door with three consecutive birds.”Today, I have a good sense of experience, especially when I caught 3 birds when I went out.” In addition to the two amateur players, professional players Xue Han, Fan Shiyu, Ye Wocheng, Tong Zhang Wen, Yao Yu, Wang ZiNan Chenyou also handed over 68 (-4) in the fourth place.

Thanks to the gentle weather of Boao today, the 34 players in the lineup handed over red words.In the next three days, the changing weather and wind factors of Boao may add challenges to most players.

The 2022 Hainan Golf Open is composed of the “Cloud Challenge”, the amateur championship, and the professional competition. The professional competition is held on 8-11.The competition has a total bonus of RMB 500,000, which is a 72 -hole personal ratio. It attracted 80 players including Xiao Bowen, Tongyang, and Xun Zihan to participate in the competition.

The Hainan Golf Open is an international brand sports event created by the Hainan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government. The event has been developed for 14 years since its first event in 2009.The 2022 Hainan Golf Open was co -sponsored by the China Golf Association and the Hainan Provincial Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports Department, Hainan Sports Lottery Management Center, Hainan Sports Competition Center, Haikou Tourism and Culture Radio and Television Sports Bureau, Qionghai City Tourism and Tourism and Tourism and Tourism of Qionghai CityJoint support of the Cultural Radio, Film and Television and Sports Bureau, co -organized by the Hainan Golf Ball Association, Hainan Whale Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Beijing Excellent Sibo Culture Development Co., Ltd.

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