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In the first round of the Football Association Cup, the first “death” Zibo applied for the retirement of Taishan to advance

On December 17th, Beijing time, the third round of the 2022 China Football Association Cup was launched, but the first game was changed and could only die.

According to the FA Cup, the third round will be held from December 17th to 19th.On December 17, there was only one match, and the Shandong Taishan team sat in the Jinjiang Sports Center to meet the Zibo Cuju team.But before the game, the Zibo Cuju team could not reach the division because of its own reasons, so the game could only “die”.

According to the official announcement of the Chinese Football Association Cup, Zibo Cuju Football Club cannot arrive in the area on time to participate in the third round of the 2022 China Football Association Cup that was scheduled to be held today against Shandong Taishan, and retired to the event organizing committee.According to the FA Cup Cup, the Zibo Cuju team abstained from the game and negative with 0: 3.The relevant documents submitted by the club will be submitted by the event organizing committee to submit it to the Disciplinary Committee of the China Football Association for consideration.

On December 18th, the third round of the China Football Association Cup will also make four contests.Among them, the leader of the Chinese Super League Wuhan Town will face the home of Wuhan Sports Center at home to face the Tianjin Jinmen Tiger Team.

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