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In the first game of the Super Women’s Volleyball Team, the first game of the fifth game Shenzhen frustrated Fujian seize the opportunity


Shenzhen women’s volleyball team

On the evening of January 6th, Beijing time, the 2022-2023 season of the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Super League 8th Top 8 Top 8 Rao was launched in Shangrao, Jiangxi.Shenzhen Australia’s tiger in the tiger in the Australian tiger 3-2 to frustrate Fujian Tieguanyin, Fujian, and first raised the top three games in the third place.Shandong Rizhao Iron and Steel and Liaoning Donghua defeated Jiangsu Steel and Beijing Automobile, respectively, to seize the opportunity in the competition of 5th and 7th place.

3. In the first round of the finals: Shenzhen Australia Tiger 3-2 wins the Tieguanyin of Anxi, Fujian

Shenzhen and Fujian, which also achieved major breakthroughs in this season, competed for the third place.In the first competition, the two teams fought in the fifth game, and the Shenzhen women’s volleyball team had a 3-2 dangerous victory. The five inning scores were 25-22, 16-25, 23-25, 25-22 and 15-8.

After 5 draws in the first game, Shenzhen’s serving wheel in Jacaccic was exceeded 9-5.After Zheng Yixin blocked the net to 10 square meters, Kili Liu Ke killed Zhuang Yushan’s back attack, and Shenzhen led 12-10.After the two teams were in 18 square meters, Shenzhen won 2 points.After Zheng Yixin flew back to 22-23, Kili Liuke blocked the game and Zheng Yixin took the ball out of the border to send points.

In the second game, Fujian’s hair rotor in Ye Jiajing exceeded 5-0.After Shenzhen replaced Zhang Xinyue, she used Xue Yizhi to block the wheel.Liang Guiqian hit a counterattack in the second ball, and Fujian led 11-4, and Shenzhen replaced the first second pass Yaksic.After Daipao’s backward Shenzhen was at the end of the 3rd rescue point at the end of the game, Corusla attacked the border, and Fujian pulled back a while from 25-16.

After the third and fourth teams, the two teams won the game and brought the game into the final game.In the fifth game, Shenzhen was full of serve.After the 6-point Fujian chased to 7-11, Zheng Yixin and Liang Weifan were frustrated, and Shenzhen won the match point 14-7.Dana-Boskovic attacked a fixed pronunciation, Shenzhen 15-8 won, and 3-2 wins Fujian.

5. The first round of the finals: Shandong Rizhao Steel 3-0 victory over Jiangsu Zhongtian Steel

The Shandong Women’s Volleyball Team, which returned to the whole main force, swept the last runner-up Jiangsu 3-0. In the three-win series of the two-game series, the scores in the three games were 25-15, 25-20 and 25-17.

Shandong’s main attack Du Qingqing and Claig (Cuba) both scored 18 points, and the main attacked Rabad Geva (Bulgaria) contributed 12 points.Jiangsu’s main attack Wu Mengjie won 12 points and replaced Wu Yan for 11 points.

7 and 8 finals in the first round: Beijing Automobile 1-3 Liaoning Donghua

Facing the old-fashioned Journey to Liaoning, the Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team lost 1-3 without the battle between Wang Yunzheng and Zhang Yu, and folded first in the competition of the three games.-25 and 15-25.

Beijing’s substitutes scored the highest 15 points in this side, and they maintained 13 points and 12 points in the main attack Lazovic (Serbia) and deputy attack Wulkkova (Bulgaria).Liaoning’s main attack Shi Bingtong scored 28 points, and Sun Xiaoxuan contributed 15 points.(Caucasus)

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