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In order to prevent more players infected with strict epidemic prevention measures in the French team

Because there are as many as five players in France infected with viruses, the team doctor has taken severe measures to prevent the transmission of camel virus.

As the World Cup finals approached the Argentine competition, the French camp suddenly became a “ward”.It was also infected, and five people were absent from the training class on Friday.

Due to the high degree of infectiousness of the virus, all sick players are isolated in their own room. The remaining players must wash their hands with commonly used disinfection agents and maintain social distance.Anyone who visits sick players must wear masks.

Muni, who scored goals in the semi -finals, said: “Everyone is very careful. The team doctors have established an epidemic prevention system to avoid virus spread. We are not afraid of viruses, we just take preventive measures.Nuo headache and stomach pain, but after drinking tea with ginger and honey, they are much better. “

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    Areadingoftheheadofthesnowbutrememberingthespots 18 12 月, 2022 at 2:44 上午

    The referee is powerful, the corisher is powerful, the teammates are powerful, the coach is powerful, God is all working hard, this is simply sending the World Cup to Messi!Come on Argentina, cheering Messi teammates!

  2. quite strange, smoke bomb

  3. There are many tricks, because the inner fear

  4. method is not as good as the king of Amei, [laughs] [laughing cry]

  5. The central defender team is destroyed

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