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In history, the first 25 minutes in Chelsea was forced to change the next two people

In the early morning of January 6, Beijing time, Chelsea lost to Manchester City 0 to 1 in the Premier League. It is worth mentioning that Chelsea’s opening in this game was very unlucky shortly after the opening of Chelsea.

At the beginning of the game, Sterling was injured in a confrontation, and was then replaced by Obameyan.

Oba Meiyang did not play the entire field. In the 68th minute, the bishop was replaced with Harchinsen.

In the 18th minute, Plissic also injured when facing Stone’s spatula, and was replaced by Chukwumeca in the 22nd minute.

According to statistics, this is the first time in Chelsea’s history to be forced to change the two in the first 25 minutes.

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