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I want to buy off the center edge people who don’t want to pay 36 million but want to turn on the price half price

Tottenham informed Benfica that he was willing to buy the center Carlos Venetus permanently, but he would not pay 36 million pounds of buying money, but hopes to be sold at half the price.

The 25 -year -old Venus rented Tottenham from Benfica and played the role of the middle of the front. Tottenham basically recognized his performance.In early March, the two clubs began negotiations, while player agent Libeiro medals as intermediaries.

“Daily Mail” disclosed that Venus himself wanted to stay in Tottenham, and Tottenham was willing to buy him, but Levi did not want to pay the original £ 36 million of the original rental contract.The transfer fee began to negotiate.The report said that Levi was willing to bid to £ 17 million, which was slightly higher than the price (15 million) of Venetus from Benfica from Naples.

According to the arrangement, the two furniture music clubs will talk again at the end of April, and the chairman of the Benfica Club Louis Felipe-Viera will also participate in the next negotiation.

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