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I participated in the World Cup three times and found that Neymar was crying and crying

In the World Cup 1/4 final, Croatia eliminated Brazil through a penalty kick, Brazil was eliminated again, and Neymar also cried.

This is the third World Cup that Neymar participated in. In his career, he has not led Brazil to win major international competition champions.When an interview with Brazil’s TV station before the World Cup, Neymar said that he would not guarantee that he would continue to participate in the World Cup in the future.We will prove that this is not the case. “

But in the end, Neymar still missed the championship, and Neymar also shed sad tears after the game.

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  2. Meet the pig teammate

  3. Anthony is an unspeakable pit goods

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    Offensivefootballdefenders 10 12 月, 2022 at 2:11 上午


  5. Brazil fans took a roller coaster

  6. Unfortunately, Brazil is the biggest popular.Croatia

  7. Speaking before the game is to be retributed.

  8. Shang Anthony and Fred are a mistake. Anthony continued to lose the ball in the frontcourt. Fred defense was not in place

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