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I lost the ball in 21 minutes! Knowing the Kawasaki striker Chuanzaki leading Guoan 1-0

At 20 pm on July 11, Beijing time, the sixth round of the AFC Champions League group stage in the 2021 AFC Champions League group and the competition of Beijing Guoan.

In this game, Kawasaki striker scored a full -day lineup, and the players were basically non -main players.At the beginning of the game, the Kawasaki striker played the right corner. Zhi Nianqing shot two consecutive feet in the small penalty area, and was all flown out by Guo Quanbo!

In the 20th minute, Kawasaki’s long -pass attack, Miyagi Ten pushed the door right in front of the door, Zhi Nianqing first followed up the shovel, the ball hit the right door column, and rolled to the left door column to pop up.Add another one, 1 to 0.

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  1. Kick out of the national security, Qi, God, and the momentum of disapproval, come on!

  2. The guys insist that the mentality is maintained, and the method is found

  3. I really broke

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    DrunkLifeDreamLiveandCute 11月 16, 2022 at 8:01 上午

    Some people said that he would be beaten here before the game.Black [Doraemon is scared]

  5. Finally 2: 1

  6. I just opened it … I saw white clothes celebrating WTF

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    Drunklifedreamsandcuteness 11月 16, 2022 at 8:01 上午

    Diloran leaks cleanliness

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    TheMountainTempleislookingforGuiziinthemiddleofthemonth_ 11月 16, 2022 at 8:01 上午

    Forza azzurri![

  9. Shock [Single Dog]

  10. Verati is really disgusting

  11. Come on, there is still time!

  12. [Khan]

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