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I know why I don’t get fish now?Capture a good text!

Everyone often feels this feeling, that is, there are obvious fish in the nest, but the disorders of drift are caused by the low rate of fish. What causes this phenomenon? Let me tell you from a few details today.

1. Is it a problem in the state of the bait configuration?

The bait should not only pursue the effect of atomization, but also pay attention to a certain degree of stickiness. If the atomization is too fast, the hook properties are poor, and the fish can only smell the flavor without the bait; The bait becomes a dead “bump”. If the fish seduces into the nest, it will cause a fish -free hook and affect the amount of fishing. If the above situation occurs, the only way can only be re -bait, the bait state is adjusted out, and the fishing sentiment can be fisherman. Only by changing.

2. Is it a problem with the taste of the bait?

The principles of bait the flavored allocation principles of “summer master are light, autumn master are sweet, winter and spring master fishy” and “fat water master fragrance, lean water main fishy fragrance”. Basic knowledge that should be possessed.

3. Is it a problem with the palatability of the bait?

“One side of the water and soil is raising one fish”, we must consider the food habits and partial problems of fish fishing farms. You must not take it for granted, especially the fishing wild water fish, especially pay attention to it; To kill bait, you must eat it. At the same time, be careful not to adjust the status of the bait too hard or overly loose, excellent, poor mouthpiece, too loose, bait to the end. Essence

4. Is it a problem with the response to the “eating state of the mouth” of the fish?

It is very important to judge the “mouth status” of the target fish according to the specific situation of the season and fishing ground. It is very important for the fishing, light mouth, sliding mouth, bangk, and raw mouth. Corresponding to the raw fish fish, the corresponding fishing spirit of light, sliding mouth, and ballad fish should be made. It is complicated, but most of them are not allowed to judge by the “state of mouth”.

5. Is it a problem with the weight of the floating “lead”?

There is obviously fish in the nest, but not fish, and consider whether the mud underwater is too thick or too much debris, the fish cannot find the bait or eat the bait. Eat the amount of lead and adjust the bait to balance the bait on the mud or miscellaneous objects; or use the lighter bait to make the bait group fall on the mud or debris; If you find bait and convenience, you can bait.

6. Is it a problem with the line diameter and softness of the sub -line?

The line diameter of the sub -line should be smaller than one -half of the main line diameter, and it must be soft. The sub -line diameter is too large or the sub -line is strong. Too many or slippery fish, small hooks are the last word.

7. Is it a problem in the fish hook model or too rough hooks?

The type of fish hook is too large, and the fish swallow hooks; the hook is too thick, and the fish suck the hook; it is necessary to determine the size of the hook according to the size and season of the target fish.

8. Is there a problem with the swimming layer of the fish?

Due to the atomization of the bait, it is common for the fish layer in fishing in fishing. It is often a common thing that suddenly cannot catch the fish in the bottom fishing. If the fish layer is messy, you can try to go through the schedule. In a word is to use a positive attitude to make your fishing sheds consistent with the fish layer, and the fishx will naturally have it.

Nine, is it a problem with irregular fishing movements

Reasons such as throwing rods, lifting rods, and sliding fish are easily frightened, and it will affect bait; try to be cautious in fishing, standardize Taiwan fishing movements, and avoid shocking fish. At the same time Don’t make a mistake.

10. Is it a problem with the interpretation of the floating language?

Reading the floating language is one of the basic skills of Taiwan fishing. The floating language characteristics of different object fish are different, different materials or different models of floating language are not consistent. The length of the length, the differences in the seasons, the differences in fish feelings, and the changes in weather will affect the interpretation of the floating language. Only by long -term practice and exploration and continuously summarize can we accurately read various floating languages ​​under different fish love.

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