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I do n’t help if I hit the teammates!The heart is scattered, James can’t bring it



Fensen regardless of his teammates

On February 6, Beijing time, the Lakers defeated the Pacers away. In the fourth quarter, the Lakers’ Lance Stephenson and Wagner also scrambled to compete for a backcourt rebound to lead to the ball out of the border.

The fourth quarter of this game is already garbage time. In the end, there were more than 7 minutes left. The Pacers could not shoot. The two players of the Lakers Stephenonsen and Wagner also scrambled to fight for this backcourt rebound at the same time. Essence

At that time, Wagner was hit by Fensen directly. Judging from the slow lens, Fenton glanced at Wagner and glanced at the rookie, then left expressionlessly, and Wagner lay on the ground for a while. It’s right.

In fact, this lens just reflects the current mentality of the Lakers players, because Anthony Davis’s transaction rumors can be traded in addition to James in the Lakers, which makes the Lakers’ self-dangerous and chemical reactions of the team. It also dropped to the trough.

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