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“Huarui Education Cup” 2022 National Go Group Competition Wuxi Finals

On November 23, the “Huareu Education Cup” 2022 National Go Championship (group competition) ended all the schedules at the Zhongwei Blue Ocean Royal Hotel, Wuxi, Jiangsu. In the end, 7 teams such as Shanghai Qingyi, Guangdong Water Margin Culture, Huanxu Electronic Treasure Island successfully won the number of promoted and promoted in this group; this national Go team competition also ended.

Due to the epidemic reasons, the group schedule held in Wuxi has been postponed many times. With the efforts of all parties, the group competition can finally be successfully launched this year. At the same time, the Huareu Education Cup is also the first offline Go contest that the State Council ’s joint prevention and control mechanism has announced the optimization prevention and control work.

A total of 16 teams participated in the men’s group B, namely the 15th and 16th teams of the Men’s Siege League in 2021. In 2021, the men’s Grade B team won the 3rd to 16th team. After eight rounds of competition, the Shanghai Qing team and Shanxi Yuan Yongyi team won the top two in this group, successfully promoted to the next season of the League A League. The Yunnan team, the Beijing Chess Academy, and the China -Japan Friendship team regretted relegation to Class C.

A total of 12 teams in the women’s group B participated in this year, and they were much less due to force majeure than before. At the same time, the number of foreign aids this year has also decreased, only Zheng Youzhen and Quan Xiaodhen. Cui Jing, who participated in the female B as a foreign aid in the past seven years, did not appear on the list. In the end, Zheng Youzhen, a Korean star and Cai Bihan, and Huang Ziping, successfully helped the Guangdong Water Margin Cultural Team who helped the 2021 landing level to return to the League A League; similarly, Liu Huiling, Chen Manqi, and Xu Jingqi played well at the last moment, surpassing Beijing with the advantages of the field points, surpassing Beijing with the advantages of the field points. The chess courtyard team did not allow the tragedy of the Fuzhou women’s team to be eliminated by the Fuzhou women’s group three months ago, while the Fujian team was staged again, and it was also returned to the women’s Grade A league again after two years.

The last time of the men’s Class C is still in 2019, and it was restarted after three years. Male C is allowed to register since 2 2018. This year, there are many strong players such as Zhou Hongyu, Li He, Wu Yiming, and Fang Ruoxi joined. In the end, the Huanxu Electronic Treasure Island team, the Hangzhou Chess Association team and the Hangzhou International Exchange Center team won the top three among the 19 participating teams, and successfully advanced to level B.

At this point, the “Huareu Education Cup” National Go Group Tournament, which has been postponed eight times, ended successfully in Wuxi, Jiangsu. Whether it is upgraded or regrettable, I hope that the teams will play better in the team competition in the coming year!

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