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Huang Zichang: It is important to win steady and steadily to win every game every game.

On November 22, in the 26th round of the 2022 Super League game, the Songshan Longmen team in Henan defeated the Wuhan Yangtze River team 3-0.After the game, Huang Zichang, a player of Songshan Longmen team in Henan, accepted the media interview.

When talking about the feelings of Jinjiang, Huang Zichang said: “Whether it is venue or weather, I feel very good, including meals, which is more accustomed to meal. This makes me very happy. I will invite everyone to eat some local characteristics at night.”

When summing up this game, Huang Zichang said: “Everyone’s performance is still good. We are not in a hurry on the field, do our own scores, and then stabilize. Finally, they won. Each of the 3 points of each game is very important.”

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  1. Huang Zichang is still a very powerful player, but the coaches of the national team have no eyes.

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