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Huang Jianxiang: Australia has joined the AFC for many years to become a Super League level

The 1/8 final of the Qatar World Cup is about to start, and the Australian team will play against Argentina.The famous commentary before the game Huang Jianxiang bluntly stated that the Australian team is about to appear.

Huang Jianxiang said: “On the one hand, the Australian group has his own play, but more from the opponent’s rotten. I once said that Australia has finally become a super -level team after many years of joining the AFC.My friends counterattacked me after qualifying in Australia. Waiting for this game, the Australian team is going to be in the original shape! “

“The Australian team is more defensive, 541 iron barrel array and then seize the opportunity. This time, it has been over the top 16 to complete the task. It is very difficult to be cold in front of Argentina.”

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    Lookingupattheskyfromheaven 12月 4, 2022 at 2:42 上午

    I said that I could never dare to look down on Japanese football.There is no good product, and the media people are not as good as the level

  2. Australian goalkeeper must not be dazzling, and it is really possible to lose. It is also possible to get an overtime.

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    MenwholovesManchesterUniteddeeply 12月 4, 2022 at 2:42 上午

    Liu Jianhong said, I know you want to see the eyes, but check the facts first

  4. Australia offends Huang Moumou?From the 06 World Cup, I am still in the black belly others

  5. In fact, there are a large number of teams in Europe play football by discipline and body, such as several teams on the Three Islands of Britain.Including some teams in Eastern Europe, football is originally open and open

  6. Australia 1-2 small negative Argentina, the scene has not fallen, it can be said to be a losing defeat.It seems that the Chinese Super League team can also play Argentina, right?

  7. Huang Jianxiang is afraid to be beaten. Australia is definitely not the fish of this World Cup.

  8. Huang Jianxiang is a gambling stick. He has repeatedly used the identity of his commentator to open his anger. He hates Australia and South Korea in Australia and South Korea, so he has no credibility in his words.

  9. The national football is that the level of Vietnam can enter the World Cup stronger than anything

  10. It is better than our national football for decades.

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