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How will Guoan enter the new body in 2023? Rookie flash makes people see hope

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With the renovation of a new Beijing worker stadium, the topic of new workers and new Guoan has become the focus of attention of Beijing fans.At the beginning of the New Year, for the new work, it is about to usher in the beginning of its operation as a modern professional football field. For the Beijing Guoan Club, which has just passed its 30th birthday, the 2023 season is also a huge challenge.After a lapse of 3 seasons to return to the work, Guoan has to come up with decent performance and achieve what kind of achievements can be worthy of this thick expectation?

In the past 2022 season, Guoan, which has a lot of fate and performed undulating, finally ranked 7th in the Super League. This is the worst record of the team since the 2017 season.Although some newcomers have emerged during the end of the season, the overall performance of the team still has a relatively obvious gap with several traditional super -traditional giants and nobles.The reason is that the grade of foreign aid is not enough to become a fatal injury. The overall play is not good.In the new 2023 season, if Guoan, who has entered the year, wants to set sail in the new worker, the strength of internal and foreign aid must be comprehensively improved.

Foreign aid too bad league seventh is difficult to be satisfactory

If it wasn’t for the last two rounds of abstain, maybe Guoan’s final ranking may be slightly higher than the 7th now, but even so, it is not too high to score the overall performance of the team this season.After all, as the earliest strong team in the early beginning of last year and the early determination of foreign aid, the undulating performance at the beginning of the season at the beginning of the season is unsatisfactory.

Not to mention who has a bad grade, who must “back the pot”, but compared to local players, the overall exertion of the foreign aid of Guoan is too far away from the outside world.Especially the two offensive players Dabro and Adebenro, the actual performance of the two and the content presented in the scout report cannot be said to be very different, and at least there is a clear gap.The former first took a long time to meet the standard of playing, but except for the bench to break the door against the Tianjin team, the other shots were almost all “five major” moments, and the latter was due to frequent injuries.Just played 14 games for the team, and the two of them scored 5 goals together, and they were not even as much as Wang Ziming.They can enter the worst foreign aid of the Guoan team.

Seventh league, this is the worst record of Guoan in the past 6 seasons.Although the team encountered a lot of difficult situations in the season and experienced coaches in the middle, this could not be an excuse for the team’s performance decline.Because in many competitions that can be won, Guoan did not match the value and ability.

Rookie Flash Guoan makes people see hope

Although the performance of foreign aid is bad and the team’s seventh results can’t be achieved, this does not mean that Guoan has not gained no gains this season.Similar to the two years before, Guoan has discovered some rookies with good potential, which is undoubtedly injected with a strong heart for Guoan in difficulties.Although these young people in their early 20s cannot bear the responsibility of the main force in a short period of time, if they can stabilize the position of a team and gradually get some opportunities, who says they cannot be the main force of Guoan’s future?

In the 2020 season, Stanley, who is currently the head coach of Guoan, led the Guoan reserve team to participate in the Football Association Cup. At that time, some young teenagers such as Ruan Qilong and Liang Shaowen were now able to get opportunities in the first team.In the last year of the AFC Champions League group stage, although the Guoan teenagers have experienced five painful defeats, as young people, it is much more beneficial to play the game than a bench.Although they are generally limited to the opportunity to play the game, the young people of Guoan have shown huge potential, making people see hope.

In the U21 league not long ago, Guoan won the championship with an unbeaten record. Many of them were guys who had suffered from the Football Association Cup and the AFC Champions League in the past. They showed their own level on the stage of the U21 league.What is even more valuable is that in the end of the Chinese Super League season, the best among them has won the opportunity to serve as the main force in the Super League competition.Fortune.

When Ruan Qilong completed the second good show in the Chinese Super League against the Hebei team, everyone was surprised to find that the long -noodles with fluffy hairstyles were just a 21 -year -old young man, although this age was in the European mainstream league in Europe at this ageChina can already be the main force of standing, but in the domestic arena, there are not many young people who have emerged at this age.And if these young people can get more opportunities in the new season, Guoan’s new and old alternative will be further accelerated.

Only the lineup upgrade can match the new worker

On December 29, 2022, the Guoan Club ushered in his 30th birthday.As the oldest professional team in China, the 2023 season is of great significance to Guoan. On the one hand, the club that enters the year will enter a new stage of development. On the other handThe team will also face huge challenges. In such a modern professional football field, Guoan needs to show the level of matching.

Under the premise that the coaching team led by Steinley has the ability to stabilize the team, the national security lineup has been urgent.Four foreign aids this season, ability and performance to meet the expectations are actually only Memishevic, but unfortunately, he has already ended the lease and returned to the Hebei Club. As for whether he can continue to play for Guoan in the new season, it is still at present.Unknown.Among the other three, the former Korean K League assisted Wang Jiang Xiangyou’s professional attitude, and it was obvious to all, and he could act as “10,000 gold oil” in the middle and backcourt.And Dabro and Adele must be replaced because Guoan Foreign Aid striker must be upgraded.In contrast, the current local players in Guoan still have good strength, especially the national foot of the year of the year, and the state in 2022 remains pretty good.But I have to say that many players of the “89th Age” have reached the twilight of their careers.The decline of the degree, 34 years old is unrealistic to maintain a high level in the new season.By the end of 2022, the contracts of Li Ke, Hou Yongyong, Yu Yang, Jin Taiyan, Zou Dehai, Wang Gang, Liu Huan, Jin Pengxiang, and Liu Guobo in the Guoan formation have expired.The problem is not big.Therefore, in some positions, Guoan is even more important to cite it, attract some domestic players to join, and lay the foundation for the talent of talents in the future.

It can be said that this transfer period is of great significance to Guoan.The comprehensive upgrade of the lineup is not only the guarantee for Guoan to re -enter the championship, but also the must be faced with a new body.

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