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How to practice 10 movements on the eight -block muscle horse line is like this


Hold a leg

Abdominal muscle tear plan

Total length: about 10 minutes

Training intensity: intermediate level

Action time: 45 seconds per 45 seconds

Action interval: 15 seconds

1 90度举腿

1 90 degrees raised legs

Raise to the angle with the body 90 °

Do not touch the ground on the legs

2 legs roll belly

Lift your legs to let your knees to the chest

Abdominal muscles lift your hips

3 Hangs lifted your legs


Keep one leg vertical after lift your legs

No need to straighten your knees

Don’t let your leg muscles be too nervous

4 roll kick

Gather your body and legs towards the center

Try to make the amplitude larger as possible

5 legs


Lift to the ground vertically

Rising for 2 seconds, down 2 seconds

6 air kicking


The upper back is left to the ground

The exercise on the leg should not be too fast

Otherwise, you will not feel the contraction of the abdominal muscles

7 -leg painting circle


Lift your thighs and knees slightly

One circle, reverse circle

Exercise abdominal endurance

8 Slowly climb running


Left knee mentioned right chest

Right -knee mentioned left chest

Turning to exercise can exercise your side abdomen

9 single leg lifting

Abdominal tightening

Otherwise, the legs are already sour

Your abdominal muscles still don’t feel

10 scissors legs


Pay attention to

Swing one leg to the other leg

Not completely vertical movement trajectory

Abdominal muscle stretch


Rise up your upper body and relax your lower limbs

Feel the stretch of the abdomen

Persist in 12 seconds, do 4 groups

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