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How to choose a big fish on the large water surface?These locations often hide big fish!

It is recommended to choose the connection between the Wanzi and the river, which is the place where the river turns into the Wanzi. This is the tip of the birch tip in the mouth of the fisherman’s mouth. The place where the giant is hidden.

Now that you say that there are down to the ground cage, they are all under the place where there is no obstacle. Otherwise, they can make them crazy, then you can find places with a lot of obstacles and try a little with a rod. try. Since you want to catch a big fish, you have to find this kind of birch tip, the depth binding, there are depths, and there are many obstacles. If you find these four places, don’t hesitate, choose a good position, quietly quietly, quietly Do not let the Internet do not let the Internet know, otherwise you will heavy nests, and when the net worker goes, your fishing position will be taken down the Internet. Your position is going to the Internet.

You must hide the fish, do not let the net worker and other fishermen know, otherwise you will know that since the main attack is the big fish, the longer the pole, the better. It can be shallow, six meters of water are too deep, and the mouth will be much less. Try to find one to find three meters to four meters … Finally, carp, cattle catfish fishing bottom, grass carp’s mouth and fishing …

Question: The weather is getting hotter and hotter, either south wind or southeast wind every day. We said here that the southeast wind is blowing, and the old fishing man. The carp fishing is getting harder and harder. What weather does the current season and what bait combination is used in the reservoir to catch carp to explode?

The best temperature of carp is 15–25 °, and such temperature weather is good for fishing. : The temperature difference is small. The smaller the temperature difference between day and night, the better, such as about 5–10. High pressure. The air pressure is above 1000HPa. People feel comfortable and feel comfortable.

During the day, fishing can be shaded, bridges and other places that can be shaded. Of course, night fishing is the best. At night, there is no noise during the day.

Now fishing for carp is important to make nests well, use corn wheat and other grains to make nests. The carp enters the nest. The grain flavor, the taste, the grain, and even the single corn wheat can be caught.

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