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How can Evergrande football work in 13 years?Industry managers should think deeply

Reporter Jia Yanfeng reported on the last day of 2022, the Guangzhou team lost to Meizhou Hakka 0-1 away. They have already determined the downgrade in advance and ended the Chinese Super League journey.However, for the Guangzhou team fans who are still expected to cheer in the team, falling into China A is not the end. They are worried about whether the club can survive -if the problem of arrears of wages fails to resolve, Evergrande Group has no intention of continuing to invest.Those waiting for the Guangzhou team may disappear completely.

Chinese football, “disappear”, is used to the champion, including the champion, the ten crowns, Liaoning, the eight -star Dalian, and the new king Suning. Now, the Guangzhou team has also reached the crossroads of life and death.

In 2010, he entered the main Guangzhou football. For 13 years, how can I evaluate Evergrande?Does Chinese football need New Evergrande “stimulus”?Recently, this newspaper interviewed senior people in the circle.

“Evergrande can be said to be giving off. Of course, the so -called overwhelming cannot be regarded as Evergrande’s unilateral responsibility. Industry management agencies must also bear certain responsibilities.” A former investor who has left the football circle said, saying that”When Evergrande entered the football circle, after the Chinese professional league was in anti -gambling and anti -gambling period, the image of the image sweeping the floor, Evergrande’s new business ideas, indeed driven the new round of development of Chinese football, activated a pool of dead water, promoted the promotionThe league is hot. But due to the lack of effective supervision and correct guidance, the essence of capital chase will inevitably allow them to do something that wander on the rules of the rules, let alone their individual behavior, which may bring some to the overall situation of football development.Negative impact. Of course, we cannot use high moral standards to ask them. Participants in the football industry should play their own role. But if the football industry manager is placed in the entire social environment, the Football Association is not the only mistake to make mistakesSo. So, Evergrande is really ‘amazing’, not only for a lesson for the football circle, but also to the managers and investors in the financial circle more than one lesson. “

The investor always believes that Evergrande’s problem is not simply a football problem. It should be seen in the entire social system. Football never exists alone.The problem of the football circle is just a concentrated epitome of many related issues. Because of the high degree of attention, it is amplified.But what really needs to think and summarize “Evergrande” should not be the football circle.

The investor said that Evergrande’s behavior in the football circle is actually just repeating the operation mode that has been practiced countless times on the road of enterprise development.The core point of which is the result -oriented style of doing things.

“In the process of entrepreneurs to lead the development of enterprises, they can be divided according to the result -oriented and processes.In the first place, a decision maker’s style of doing things will be determined. People who are guided with results often have clear goals and strong motivations. They have a strong desire for achieving established goals. Compared to process -oriented people, they may be more flexible and changeable.You can achieve the maximum possibility of achieving the goals in existing resources. And have good explosive power, so you see Evergrande, starting in 1997, a step in every three years, this three years with Evergrande won the AFC Champions LeagueIt ’s like? The development of Evergrande enterprises has always been a strategy of short flatness, and the same principles of football. The result of real estate companies is sales and profits, and football is achievement and honor.Strategy, copying in the football circle, in a sense, it has also succeeded, “he said.

“At the beginning of Evergrande’s construction team, the efficiency of work was very high, and the decision -making mechanism was unusual. The biggest expenditure of the club was to buy and sell players and their salary.The parallel foreign aid only bought a J horse. From the perspective of investment, it is already a very beautiful answer. “The investor also compared,” Looking at many of the recruitment files of the state -owned enterprise club, most of them are unbearable.describe.”

“It is said that after the rush overtaking, the Xu family seal to Liu Yongzhuo two privileges. One is that the foreign citation involving the transfer fee and the total salary amount is less than RMB 500 million.If you do not violate the law, you can use the “unconventional means” if necessary. For these two points, let alone all state -owned enterprises clubs cannot be done at all, it is difficult for private enterprises to do it.At the time, they all adopt a blank check to complete the signing of the contract in the form of the other party’s writing. Of course, the two are not particularly excessive, but this courage and courage, which companies in China have it? “The person revealed.

However, he also said that Xu Jiayin was not an injustice. Liu Yongzhuo talked about foreign aid to have 500 million shooting rights, and he could pay a blank check, but he went abroad to talk about foreign aid.The principle of Xu Jiayin is that the money that should be spent cannot be saved, and the small money that can save is not allowed to spend all.In terms of domestic players’ resources, Evergrande is even more cost -effective. Basically, it is difficult for the players in Evergrande to see it.Multiple furniture music departments have not observed the rules of Evergrande, in private and seduced players dissatisfaction, but there are no effective ways or rules.”If Evergrande digs a private corner in private, and the phenomenon of coaxing foreign aid transfer market prices is warned in advance, there may not be later Huaxia and Quanjian, and there will be no Suning. Without these furniture music departments will further hold the market higher,There will not be a series of restricted policies in the next series. Without that kind of disorderly expansion and the price of players, these furniture music may not disappear. They do not disappear, and the Chinese league will not be so bleak … “This is a oneThe sense of coach.

“For more than 40 years of reform and opening up in my country, capital, labor, technology, data and other production factors have jointly contributed to the prosperity of the socialist market. The positive role of various types of capital must be affirmed.”

“It must be realized that capital has a profit -seeking nature.

The above two sentences are the main points of speeches when General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over the 38th Political Bureau of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.When the topic of the topic, he said it badly.

“The spirit of this speech, I repeatedly studied, and 6 of them must be beneficial. After studying, I wrote my experience, whether Chinese society, football circle, and not refusing capital, but it is impossible to indulge capital arbitrarily. BecauseIn the hands of different managers, the performance is very different in different social systems and rules systems. Welcome to play a positive role, but it also needs to regulate the capital that is too profitable. “The timing of the opportunity has been missed, let alone restraint now, it is not restrained, and it is difficult to have heavy capital.

So, Evergrande belongs to the capital that plays an active role, or is it an excessively profitable capital?

“From the perspective of Chinese professional football, it cannot be denied the contribution of Evergrande. After all, the AFC Champions League honor is placed there, and Evergrande also spent a lot of effort in youth training.It is more complete than the Chinese Football Association. Evergrande can smash millions for a 10 -year -old seedlings. I represented many cases, which are related to Evergrande.Therefore, I firmly believe that thanking Evergrande in the football circle must be more than hate Evergrande. “A football lawyer commented.

But if you look at Evergrande from the perspective of investors and buyers, it may be another feeling.

“Chinese football needs capital, but the development of football itself is a long -term behavior, supplemented by short -term goals, and requires a benign and long -term investment in capital.It cannot be exited. The problem is that if you enter football, just for yourself, do not take into account the interests of the industry and the overall value, the achievement is that the short -term value is not a long -term.This is the result of this. “A former professional manager said.

The person revealed that when he went to the UK to investigate, he learned that there was a review mechanism for capital entry. It was not that you had money, wanted to play football, and acquired the football club to do whatever you want.Some rules are to maintain the overall value of capital and maintain the healthy development of the industry.

At present, Chinese football seems to be difficult, thinking that it is the “golden yuan football” fault, and all the problems are attributed to Evergrande and companies that have the same investment behavior as him.Price, when the industry rules are lacking, the capital value reflects that there is no suitable export, and there is no restriction on the purpose of entering the industry’s capital. In the end, it will be the result.

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