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House women capture 50.66 million lottery lottery: I can finally change new mobile phones


Women capture 50.66 million yuan lottery lottery awards

Recently, a lottery award of RMB 12.25 million (about RMB 50.66 million) was born in Voltatin, New Zealand.The first thing I thought of after the bonus was to buy a new phone.

Kaia from Voltan is an ordinary housewife who goes out to do some zero -living subsidy home.Every time I work abroad, I go to the convenience store to buy a share, and buy a few lottery tickets. On Wednesday, she decided to buy two powerful ball lottery tickets for the night.

The next day, Kaya came to the store as usual to check whether the lottery she purchased yesterday was winning. When she scanned her ticket with a machine, she sounded the sound of winning the prize.Kaya thought she had received 1,200 dollars and asked the staff. The staff told her after helping her check that she was not 1200 yuan, but 12 million!Kaya was confused at the time, but the staff told her the re -prize process and how to do it next.

After Kaya returned home, he called his son very calmly to share the news. Kaya said that he bought the lottery to win the prize, but did not explain how much money was won.The son didn’t take it at the beginning. When he returned home at night, he was shocked after seeing the ticket. He decided to drive to Auckland to receive the prize the next day.

Early the next morning, a car came to Auckland to receive the prize. After receiving the bonus, Kaya said that the first thing was to buy a new phone.The next plan is to enjoy the food with my family in Auckland, and then go home to refurbish the house.In addition, Kaya also has a dream, that is, flying around the South Island of New Zealand by helicopter. With this bonus, the dream will come true immediately.

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