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Hot!Many famous coaches predict the World Cup in the Fortune 4 to choose Messi’s Argentina

A few days ago, many coaches in football predicted the Flint of the World Cup, and as a result, it was generally optimistic about Argentina led by Messi.

Mourinho predicts that the top four are Brazil, Argentina, and Portugal to occupy three seats, and France, England, and Germany are competing for the remaining one place.

Zidane predicts Brazil, Argentina, Spain, France.

Simonny predicts France, England, Germany, and Argentina.

England star Lin Gade predicts England, Brazil, Argentina, France.

Neville predicts Messi’s Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, and France.

Xie Hui predicts Brazil, France, Argentina, Germany.

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  1. After the calf, I have been poisonous milk. I am optimistic about Brazil, France, Germany, England [Laughing Cry]

  2. History, it is said that the recent European and American Cups of the European Championship and the American Championship are cruelly abused? The winning or losing the game is normal. Even if you think about the problem with asshole, you will not say such things.

  3. If you encounter England [Squeeze Eyes]

  4. The Argentina knockout match can be played to death

  5. World Cup curse ~ big hot will die

  6. This is the rhythm of Argentine milk death! Argentina is also the top 8. I forgot how to die in the last World Cup.

  7. It is really difficult to fight France, and it is okay to hit Denmark.

  8. Argentina returns to Argentina with the Hercules Cup, maybe it is true! Intersection Intersection [Good] [Good] [Good]

  9. I drank the water of the mud horse

  10. Saudi Arabia, Argentina, France

  11. Even if the small field team qualified, the group of France and Denmark was not easy to mess with.

  12. optimize the first victory of the small field team, and then go out and one negative group.

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