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Holding a plastic bag to match the game: Xuanzong self -made and grinding king low -key luxury

The article is transferred from the according to the Sports Weekly

Reporter Xie Rui reported in Shenzhen who participated in the semi -finals of the second big chess player, and “Xuanzong” Tang Weixing’s nine sections seemed very eye -catching. When he entered the pair of the game room, he took a plastic bag with him. Owners and other items, after the start of the game, he put the plastic bag on the table to prepare at any time in the competition.

The Go game was quite elegant at the scene, and the players were also particular about the game, but Tang Weixing carried a plastic bag into the opposition room. From time to time, the wet towel was shot from time to time during the game, but it was not contrary to sense. “Xuanzong” comes with a fixed formula, so on chess, as well as chess.

In the semi -finals of the big chess player, Tang Weixing played against Yuting. He recently played Tang Weixing twice. In June 2022, the Southwest King Tournament was in the quarterfinals. Tang Weixing applied for metaphysics under the disadvantage, and he counterattacked. After Tang Weixing, who was hacked in this game, took advantage of the first half of the game, he should continue to chase Bai Big Blocks in the middle abdomen, but Tang Weixing, who was accustomed to the backwind chess and the Jedi turned over, was lost under the advantage. , To take heavily, Yu Yuting took a big counterattack and reversed the situation.

When the two sides are upside -down, Black’s original abdomen that was expected to be empty was impacted by White. Even Tang Weixing, who had a peerless metaphysics with a overturn, was in vain in front of the full -scale thick White.

“Mo Wang” Qiu Jun’s nine sections have retired now. In the early years, he participated in his own faction. He carried a plastic bag into the opposition room, containing his competitive supplies, and even he put his jacket into a plastic bag and carried it. Come and go. In 2014, the first National Hands Mountain Cup was held in South Korea. Liang Zaihao, Chief of the Korean Chess Academy, saw Qiu Jun always carrying a plastic bag, and then asked Qiu Jun to buy a suitable handbag. He learned that Qiu Jun was in Beijing in Beijing After buying a mansion with Shanghai, he couldn’t help but open his mouth, saying that he couldn’t believe it anyway.

The reason why “Music King” retired is not related to his three times in the World Go Contest. In 2015, he reached the Second Bailing Cup final. The opponent was 18 -year -old Ke Jie. The battle was 1 to 1 draw, and the next three innings moved Zhuhai. Before the game started, Qiu Jun did something that surprised everyone.

The hotel garden style where the competition is located, the rooms where everyone lives is a distance from the bureau room, but it is not far away; however, there is also a guest room on the side of the bureau room. After Qiu Jun stepped on the point, he immediately decided to give up the room arranged by the organizer. Having money on the side of the game is to save the time to save on both sides.

At that time, the telephone fee was not cheap, but Qiu Jun called his girlfriend in Shanghai. One beating was more than an hour or even longer. Everyone joked: this strength, you know without saying.

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