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Hobart Station-Wang Xinyu sent 8 two mistakes and two disks to win the promotion of women’s single rounds


Wang Xinyu won the first victory of the Personal Tour of the season

On January 9th, Beijing time, the WTA250 Hobart Station in 2023 launched the first round of women’s singles.In the case of the race due to rainfall, the Chinese player Wang Xinyu, who played as a lucky defeat, took 1 hour and 52 minutes in use, and finally defeated the world’s ranks 200th in the world with 6-4/7-5.Card player Gadyi was successfully promoted, and at the same time, he also won the victory of his first tour of this year.

Wang Xinyu raised 42 points in this victory and rose to 83rd in real time.In the game, Wang Xinyu played an ACE ball, but there were 8 double errors.Wang Xinyu will face the winner between Lenett and Van Utava in the second round.

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  1. Come on, I saw hope in the last two games,

  2. Come on, look forward to Ing

  3. The state of this competition, the probability of the second round will be swept by the inside

  4. Come on!

  5. Easily defeat the first successor, the successor retires quickly

  6. Congratulations, and make persistent efforts, the Australian Open has made a breakthrough!

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