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History first!Arrange five -opening 917 betting jackpot or 80 million giant prizes

On the evening of January 9th, Beijing time, the sports lottery was arranged 53009. The current lottery number is “2 2 1 0 4”.Originally a set of numbers, but I did not expect to trigger the shock of Cai City!Because this issue has been arranged in five, the top prize of 917 bets is the first in history!

Once the lottery details were announced, it caused heated discussion among lottery friends. It is necessary to know that the five of the 5-100 jackpot will be issued in the usual way.When there will be a high -power voting, calculate according to the bonus of 100,000 yuan in single rejection, it will probably have a lot of great prizes that will explode more than 80 million!

In the previous arrangement of the five prizes, the highest 654 betting prize was released, and the first prize higher than the 600 bets had 2 times.More than 400 bets.

At present, there are no news about how many of them are one of them. The highest award in the five history is 50.5 million yuan, from the 09236 period.The first prize, no one can break this record so far, this issue of five has a high probability that the highest historical award has been revealed!

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