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Heyi reminds: Eindhoven’s 9 undefeated Tels at home insufficient offensive offensive


Eindhoven FC


1. Home: The team’s home combat ability is excellent. Recently, 6 wins and 3 draws have achieved 6 wins and 3 draws in the home game.

2. Firepower: The team’s offensive end firepower is not weak. In 15 games this season, we scored 25 goals in 25 stadiums;

3. Attack: The team’s offensive end is diverse. This season, the team has a total of 10 players with a goal record.


1. Status: The team’s recent game status has not performed well.

2. Data: The team’s recent game data winning rate is very low. In the last 10 games, only 2 games have won data victory;

3. Defense: The team’s defensive end performance is not good. This season, there are 1.3 balls lost 20 games in 15 games this season;

4. Injury: The team’s current striker Sanno muscle strain is missing in this game.



1. Status: The team’s recent state performance is stable, and the recent results of 3 wins and 6 draws have been undefeated for 9 consecutive games.

2. Sub -away: The team’s recent away combat results are good. They have achieved 3 wins and 5 draws in nearly 10 away games;

3. Data: The data winning rate of the team’s away battle is very high. In the nearly 10 away games, there are only one loss of data;

4. Fighting: The team and FC Eindhoven only lost 2 games in the nearly 10 confrontation, and the undefeated rate was as high as 80%;

5. Power: The team’s away game is generally smaller. There is only one game in nearly 10 away games.


1. Firepower: The team’s offensive end of the season is insufficient, and only 15 goals are scored at the end of 15 rounds;

2, injury stop: The team’s current defender Kott is absent from the game due to knee injury.

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