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Hero World Challenge Sisher Rushler to T2 to return to the world’s first



On December 3, Beijing time, the degree obtained by the American Masters champion Scott Schiffler at the McCubs School of Business at the University of Texas was not enough to make him understand how the new formula in the world ranked.

He currently ranks second in the world.The way he returned to the world is very simple, only to win the hero world challenge.

“I don’t like the second place in the world,” he said, “I also don’t like to rank second in the event.”

In the violent wind of Olbani, Scott Sherler took a step in that direction.He caught 4 birds in the five holes of the latter nine caves, scored 68 shots, and 4 shots below the standard rot.Vikland Hovland.

Scott Sherle is the first time in the world this year than anyone else, so he won the Mark H. McCormack Award.This is because he won the strong lineup four times in spring, including achieving the Grand Slam first victory, but the American Masters is his last victory.

In October, McRour’s victory in South Carolina replaced him.Now, Scottis has the opportunity to regain the throne, even if it is only for a long time.Regardless of the results of Bahamas, when McRouri is over a year, it is expected to be the first in the world.

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