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Hero World Challenge Sisher Line’s second emotional control is impressive

On December 4th, Beijing time, Scofefler could reach the world’s first place when winning the Hero World Challenge. Today he just lost one shot. On the 15th hole, the five-pointed hole caught the eagle, and the five holes caught the eagle.66 shots will start from the last group with Victor-Holfland on Sunday.From the perspective of scoring cards, this is a good day, but emotionally, it is difficult, because he wraps a lot of mud on his small ball, he does not know where the small ball will fly.

“Who is good at the ball? You don’t know what happened to golf at all,” Sikotti Sherry said. “I will not practice this ball when I practiceThis happened. “

The best part of the American Masters Champion is not birds and eagles, but not getting angry for mud balls.

Everyone must cope with such a situation, and some people have bad luck than others.Justin Thomas believes that Rick Wild, the US Tour, is very lucky.He will record all the number of rods at the end of the day. The good news is that the number of participants in this game is small.

“Only 20 people will come to complain, not 120 people. I think this is much easier for him,” Justin Thomas said, “Actually today is very unfortunate. You will encounter very bad luck,Very unfortunate situation. But as I said, everyone has to deal with it. The greater the impact you receive, the worse your situation. “

Justin-Thomas scored 66 shots and ranked third with Cameron Yang (68).

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