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Hero World Challenge Sajehovland Leading Sherler and Morikawa T2



On December 3, Beijing time, the defending champion VIKTOR HOVLAND continued to lead at the Olbani golf club.On Friday, he played 70 shots and entered the Hero World Challenge Weekend to lead ahead.

Victor-Hofland reversed on the last day last year and won Woods for the East. The two rounds of scores were 139 (69-70), which was less than 5 standard rods.However, he failed to change the crowded state.A total of 4 players are located in the second place.

Victor-Holfland’s launch was not smooth. After the first four holes swallowed two cypresses, the fifth hole, after the three-pointed hole caught the bird, the 6th hole, 602 yards, and five holes.Strike outside the ridge, the small ball was poured directly into the hole and won the eagle.

He lost a shot on the 10th, but began with the 18 -foot push pole from Cave 13, and the Norwegians caught three birds in a row.On the 14th hole, the short four -hole hole, the rod of the Ridge dug out to the bird to catch the bird.On the 15th, the five -pole hole, he missed the 12 -foot eagle push and harvested the dead bird.

Historically, except for Tiger Woods, no second person can successfully defend the holiday game.

Colin-Morikawa caught 3 birds in the last 8 holes, scored 71 shots, and Cameron Yang (69), Scitid Sherler (68), Zande Solofelle(68) is located in the second place.

Skotti Schiffler’s rise is particularly worthy of attention.Like Victor-Holfland, he caught 3 birds on the 13th hole on the 13th. Among them, all of the cave No. 15 pits pushed down and created the first one who returned to the world to return to the world.Good opportunity.Scoffler can reappear again without winning this 20-player event.

South Korean player Kim Joshong swallowed Bai Bai on the 16th and 17th holes and scored 72 shots, ranking fifth, but it was just two behind.

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