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Hebei Team Official: Some U19 echelon players will be transferred to participate in the Super League in this round

On December 21, the 32nd round of the Super League, the Hebei team will play against Guangzhou City. Before the game, the Hebei team officially announced that some of the U19 echelons players will participate in this round of the Super League.

The official announcement of the Hebei team stated that due to objective factors, the existing players of the Hebei Football Club’s first team of the first team of the Hebei Football Club could not complete the 32nd round league with the Chinese Super League.To ensure the integrity of the league, our club will adjust some of the U19 echelon players to participate in this game.

In addition, the Hebei team also stated that the Hebei team will seize the time to restore their bodies and work hard in the next game to bring wonderful performance to the fans.

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  1. This champion is the most watery, none of them.

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    用户用户用户用户用户 12月 22, 2022 at 2:41 上午

    The last term is the least gold content. This session is the most watery session

  3. The ball is more than 40 years old?

  4. This championship is the most watery session

  5. Guangheng can still play at the coming of U40 [Squeeze Eyes]

  6. || Under the epidemic, the Chinese Super League is unfair.

  7. Guangzhou City won the Hebei team. Guoan was winning the Guangzhou team. Basically, Evergrande has downgraded.[Insiditious]

  8. Come on, Come on, hard time [Come on] [Come on]

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