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Hebei has not been implemented in a timely manner to repay the repayment of paid arrears, 2 consecutive deductions are currently-6 points

On November 23, the Football Association officially released the news that due to the failure to resolve the 70%of the arrears, Shanghai Shenhua, Wuhan Yangtze River, Hebei, Shaanxi Changan Athletic, Sichuan Jiu Niu, Heilongjiang Bingcheng, Zibo Cuju, and Jiangxi North Gate were deducted by 6 points.EssenceThe Hebei team was deducted 9 points, and the current Chinese Super League scores -6 points.

On November 5th, the Football Association issued an announcement that the Hebei team failed to resolve the arrears of not less than 30%of the total of 30%before July 31, 2022, and was deducted from the league points by 3 points.

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  1. In the Guangzhou team, is there no wage in Guangzhou City [Yun Bei]

  2. The results of the common effect of triple factors: 1. The gold owners of the real estate industry are in trouble.2. Neutral names lead to lack of willingness to take over.3. Lack of attention due to the prevention of the audience due to epidemic prevention.

  3. As long as the iron eggs are frank …

  4. It seems to be Shanghai Shenhua, Wuhan Yangtze River, and Hebei each with 6 points.The same is true of 3 points for the second deduction.

  5. This has no impact on Hebei, right?Wuhan Yangtze River is dangerous

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