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Heavy!Manchester United officially announced that Ronaldo left the team

In the early morning of November 23, Beijing time, Manchester United officially announced that the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo left the team and immediately took effect.

In the announcement, Manchester United wrote: “Cristiano Ronaldo left Manchester United with the consent of Manchester United, and immediately took effect. The club thanked him for his great contribution to the old Traford. He played 145 in 346 games.Ball, Manchester United wishes him and his family to go well in the future. “

Cristiano Ronaldo was interviewed a few days ago. In the interview, he accused the club of the club, Tenghag and his teammates, which caused huge controversy.

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  1. The farce is finally over. There are not many bird powder in this section.

  2. It ’s right

  3. It seems that the Manchester United period is very powerful before the Cristiano Ronaldo came. And after Ferguson, which coach is better than the magic bird?

  4. Messi fell down again, Cristiano Ronaldo was laid off again, good things [laughing cry] [laughing cry] [laughing cry]

  5. Back to Manchester United is a mistake

  6. Cristiano Ronaldo is not wise to leave. Where can he go now

  7. The Graizer family is selling Manchester United. Cristiano Ronaldo scolds the boss and ran away. Manchester United still returns to football

  8. Ball jade is also ready to lift the Hercules Cup, and was by Saudi Arabia. After the hammer was covered, I could only go to borrow with other teams

  9. Only the world of injuries in the Premier League 19 teams was reached

  10. You Mei has started to cross the waist in Qatar, as always

  11. Haha, the rhythm of the silly hat is more, thinking that Manchester United has begun to rot recently?

  12. The first game of the World Cup in the World Cup is like shit, and I am also a heart -minded person. Yesterday, I asked Belon to change the clothes to play in front of Argentina 5-0. In the backcourt, the teammates played the anti -off -depression lens and took a walk in the offside position. The straight pass of Laotaro was almost running out of the stadium.

  13. 退, retired, this is not guaranteed to go on the night

  14. Um, Manchester United is going to win the Premier League champion 😂

  15. Civilized saying: Go all the way!

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