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He Wei talked about Sun Junhao to eat yellow cards: I didn’t control my emotions, it shouldn’t be

At 19:30 on the evening of January 9th, the FA Cup finals started. The two parties in the first half were very fierce, but neither broke the door. The two sides were temporarily 0-0.In the first half of the game Taishan, Sun Junhao ate a yellow card, and CCTV explained that He Wei bluntly said that it should not be.

In the 39th minute of the game, Sun Junhao tripped from behind him, and the referee presented a yellow card to him.He Wei said: “Sun Junhao is a very critical point in the back waist position of Taishan, Shandong. This yellow card will affect him in the next action,”

“This ball does not have the need for tactical fouls on the tactical level. It should not be eaten. This is the loss caused by his emotional control. Sometimes he needs to adopt tactical foul to the team to terminate the team to terminate the team.dangerous.”

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  1. The little golden people did make

  2. He Wei did not understand. This was obviously arranged by Tao Wei. They must let Oscar out of control and let Oscar emotional collapse. This was arranged by the coaching team.

  3. This ball yellow card is fine, but the small Oscar moves first.

  4. To be honest, this yellow card is fine. Emotion is the Oscar before foul. Whether the Oscar is performed or not, the yellow card is correct.When the referee paid the yellow card, Sun Junhao had regretted it

  5. We see the truth, this action should not, the yellow card is correct.Shandong people do not engage in that false, boring [Smile]

  6. This yellow card is the face of the referee to Chen Shanggang!

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