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Harvey: We must win before the overtime game. We must learn from

In the King’s Cup 1/16 final, Barcelona eliminated the Three Level 3 team Intel City through overtime.In the game, Barcelona led three times and was equalized in three times.

Harvey said after the game: “We are playing the Kings Cup, and 7 Western Armor teams have been eliminated. Are they ridiculous? This is a question that has nothing to do with football …”

“We have experienced a huge suffering. Before the overtime, we had a lot of opportunities to win, but we failed to do it.”

Harvey said: “We must learn from the mistakes to play better.”

“We failed to block the opponent’s biography well. We lack the power in other competitions, and lack the aggression of running on both sides.”

Harvey: “We are satisfied with results and games. The game is very good and very positive. What we lack is the power of offense, but I am not disappointed.”

In this game, Araho returned, Harvey said: “Alauho? He is very good and done very well. He is back, I am very happy. He is a fighter.”

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  1. Not suitable for coaches, bring out this kind of disgusting team

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    Thestonethatcanfly1980 1月 5, 2023 at 2:27 上午

    Harbin Dazui, when the players accumulate for decades, the coach is lost in one year

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