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Harryton has seen Woods boldly predicts that he can win the Grand Slam

On December 16th, Beijing time, Harryton was like a lot of golf enthusiasts. He liked to study golf swing. Last Saturday, he turned on TV and watched the “Uranus”.This is the first public game since the British Open in July in July. Hallen had a deep impression after watching Woods’ swing.

“You will never question the tiger’s heart. He is always the golfer who can kill it. He doesn’t want to give up,” said at the press conference before the PNC Championship on Thursday.It looks much better. As for speed … I am very interested in that part. You know, you will never rule out the tiger, but I think he is in a better position than I thought before. “

Woods only played 9 rounds this year, and it will be 47 years old later this month, but Harry believes that he has shown enough in the duel of the king. Although he partnered with McRouri, he finally lost to Jordan-Spiz and Justin-Thomas.Harryton believes that 15 Grand Slam champions have good days in the future, especially in the Grand Slam.

“I won’t say he ‘possibilities’, I actually believe that he must be a dangerous person,” Harlington said. “I think he will win a Grand Slam.He will enter the championship. “

Harlington is still working hard to improve the speed of small balls. This year’s speed reaches 193 miles/h, leading the championship tour in the kick -off distance.He was surprised by Woods on Saturday.In the Uranus’s duel, Woods twice reached 178 miles/h.

“I want to see myself, and take a look,” Harlington was asked if he would watch the Woods swing at the PNC Championship’s practice field, “I think his physical strength needs to be improved, and the speed of the small ball can be improved.. If you fight with young people, it is quite difficult, because many of them hit the ball far away and can cover the golf course. If you can’t keep it -I don’t think I can do it -I don’t doubt the tiger.It can be equally good at the last nine holes, but some extra speeds can help him the first 63 holes. The last 9 holes, those young people who want to fight against the tiger, what you know, what can the tiger do at that stage.Think that he can let himself be in a better position before the last nine holes. “

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