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“Happy watching the ball rational lottery” Shenzhen Sports Lottery Responsibility Lottery Propaganda Month Campaign

The Qatar World Cup will kick off. During this expected football feast, in addition to wonderful games, sports lottery will add fun to everyone. In order to create a good atmosphere of rational lottery during the World Cup, the concept of liability tickets is passed to the public. On the afternoon of November 18th, the launching ceremony of the “Ceremony of the Lottery of the Sports Lottery (Shenzhen)” was held. The Lottery Propaganda Month.

Shenzhen Sports Lottery Center has always actively implemented various responsibility lottery work. From November 18th to December 18th, Shenzhen Sports Lottery will hold a monthly liability lottery promotion month activity. During the World Cup of physical stores in the city, the special training of rational lottery purchases was issued, and the “World Cup Responsible Lottery Manual, and issued a variety of responsible lottery publicity posters to various physical stores. On the day of the launching ceremony, a series of responsible lottery activities were also organized to hold a lottery exchange meeting and held a lecture and evaluation of responsible lottery trainees.

At the responsible lottery exchange meeting, Yang Xulong introduced that since 2017, the responsibility lottery has been the key task of the sports lottery industry. “He emphasized,” The World Cup is coming, and everyone must implement the responsibility lottery more carefully, advocate rational lottery, create a healthy lottery atmosphere, and make greater contributions to raising the lottery public welfare funds and supporting public welfare undertakings. “

The representatives of the sports lottery physical stores who participated in the conference actively spoke and jointly made suggestions for the construction of the responsible lottery. Li Wenyuan Li Wenyuan gave a small trick in preventing minors from buying lottery -when encountering a parent buyer to bring the child into the store, sometimes the child will scrape the lottery or choose the number, Li Wenyuan will point to the store in the store The monitoring said: “There are monitoring here. We have stipulated that you cannot sell lottery tickets to your children. When you are 18 years old, your uncle welcomes you to entertain a small way.” Said, remind parents to protect minors to work together, and the growth of minors can have a better environment. Li Wenyuan suggested, “We must strengthen the promotion of the liability lottery, and to promote the entire network to achieve full coverage, so that everyone knows the responsibility lottery, so as to raise more sports lottery public welfare funds, everyone will benefit.” Implement the responsibility lottery and actively pass on the sports lottery public welfare.

After the launching ceremony, the first Shenzhen Sports Lottery Trainer was conducted. The trainers are based on the theme of “how to guide rational lottery during the World Cup”, which presents a big view of novel perspectives, rich content, prominent themes, diverse forms, and wonderful lottery. applause.

With the in -depth development of the responsibility lottery promotion month, the concept of “happy watching the ball rational lottery” will continue to be implemented in the Shenzhen Sports Lottery Industry. Shenzhen Sports Lottery also hopes that the majority of lottery buyers and fans will focus on participation, do their best, arrange work and work and rest time, and watch the ball and buy lottery health.

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