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Happy than Messi!Mbappe 1 Biography 1 Shooting the team won the best

In the first round of the World Cup group stage, the Argentine team led by Messi was reversed by Saudi Arabia 1-2, but his teammate Mbappe contributed a goal once to help the team win.

The 1 goal played by Mbappe in this game is the fifth goal of the individual in the World Cup. He became the youngest player in France at the age of 23 and 337 days.In the past 11 times, the 12th goals scored in France’s debut.

In addition to scoring, Mbappe also assisted Giroud to break the goal.

After the game, FIFA gave Mbappe the best trophy.

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  1. The coal balls who leave Mang again are in shape!

  2. Dalu, your future is in Milan!Remove the Serie A![Hee hee]

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    RevivalRedDevilsNinthYear 23 11 月, 2022 at 2:20 上午

    Last year, the main game against Real Malaysia scored two goals away, but the Paris that could not be pulled.West kick.

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    ReverseGeneFoodAlliance 23 11 月, 2022 at 2:20 上午

    Mbappe or Mbappe, the old dwarf who stole the Golden Globe left the system.] [Haha] [Haha] [Haha] [Haha] [Haha] [Haha] [Haha] [Haha] [Haha] [Haha]

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    Runningtothepreviousbenchmark 23 11 月, 2022 at 2:20 上午

    Mei Blow desperately black Mbapi, as a result, Mbappe is okay, MessiIt was reversed again.[Yun Bei]

  6. The last World Cup had abused the original shape this time there was still a chance!

  7. Mbappe seems to have never lost much to Messi.EssenceEssence[be surprised]

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