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Hao Wei: Winning is more serious than the opponent.

On the afternoon of January 7, the 2022 Chinese Football Association Cup final ended the second round of competition. The Shandong Taishan team defeated the Wuhan three town teams 3-0, thus eliminating the opponent to advance to the semi -finals with a total score of 6-1.After the game, the head coach of the Shandong Taishan team Hao Wei attended the press conference.

When summing up this game, the coach Hao Wei, the coach of the Taishan team of Shandong, said: “Thank you fans from afar. A game is very hard. In addition, he also thanked the players.

When the young players who were asked by the opponent played on the court, Hao Wei replied: “The opponent played well because our team members were sufficient in experience and got three goals.”During the final, Hao Wei said: “For us, every game is a challenge and needs to be taken seriously.”

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