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Hao Wei: Today, Han Yanze was injured soon because of uneven training grounds

On November 21, in the 26th round of the Super League, Chengdu Rongcheng defeated Shandong Taishan 2-1. After the game, the coach Hao Wei of Taishan team attended the press conference.

Hao Wei concluded the game: “Today, the goal is fast, but the players are working very hard. Next, we still have to play the following game.”

Talking about Han Yanze and Abdul’s meat, Hao Wei said: “The reason for the venue caused Han Yize’s injuries because the training venue was not flat. We only have one goalkeeper now. Abdul is because we wantTo adjust the striker. “

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  1. The starting and playing method is problematic. Even if Sun Junhao left, we also had the players up, and the other party had only one on the 10th. It was too much to giving him too much space, too few restrictions and restrictions on her, and lacking hardness.

  2. The corner kick really did not expect that the deployment of the Shandong team was disrupted. What Hao Wei should think was to keep the scene balanced and then win the second half to win.

  3. You are suitable for ride on the mother -in -law. Go home

  4. mainly because Sun Junhao is not there, and the overall lack of no one makes up for it. When Sun Junhao is basically a problem, he will make up. When he did not adapt, other players did not adapt.

  5. Sources have previously revealed that the parents and club coaches of a certain foreign player have exchanges. It seems that this is true.

  6. Guo Tianyu has proved many proofs to drag her legs. Why should I still use it?

  7. Guo Tianyu Liu Yang Wolong Phoenix Flowers!

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