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Hao Wei: Deploying in the three towns to understand each other to see who can play better

On December 8th, the 30th round of the Super League, Shandong Taishan faced the three towns of Wuhan.Before the game, Taishan coach Hao Wei and player Song Long attended the press conference.

Talking about the situation–

Hao Wei: Yesterday, the team came to Wuhan. The status of the entire team, including the physical condition, is very good. I hope there will be a good result tomorrow.The offensive ability of the three towns in Wuhan, we will make some targeted deployments.At this level of the league, everyone knows each other, and it depends on who is better tomorrow and who can play better.

Song Long: Our team members are ready for this game. Tomorrow will play a more exciting game with Wuhan Three Town.

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  1. In reality, the strength of the three towns is above us. Their foreign aid strength is stronger than us. The high -point Malkang, the Steve of the midfielder, and the breakthrough Davidson and Xie Pengfei are all characteristic. We are inThe back waist is seriously lacking, Liao Li has injuries, Sun Junhao cannot return, and the old Felryney is not as good as in the past. Whether it is midfielder or forward ability, we have serious defects in the midfield.This causes us to be unable to get the ball, it cannot be stopped, and cannot be intercepted. The ability to take the ball in front of us has only one Cresan, which forms a single -fighting situation.It is likely that the problem of being disconnected from the front and back of the game.If you want to win the three towns, I hope to be honest and anti -anti -anti -anti -anti -anti -opponent.

  2. Optimistic about Da Wuhan

  3. So dirty can be washed?Niu Ah Shandong

  4. Li Tie is revealed his problem!

  5. Are you a spokesman for Bailey?

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