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Hao Sui Multi -Talent Pharmaceuticals Macau Macau Dongwangyang Zetu Finale

On November 20, with the support of MGM, Phantom Pro Racing Phantom Role played the second round of the 69th Grand Macau Grand Macau, and in the GT Cup GT Cup and Macau GT Cup tower!

GT Cup GT Cup

#33 Xie Anmeids-AMG GT4 Third Army

#96 Li Chao Mercedes-AMG GT4 Group third place

Macau GT Cup

#4 Lingkang Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO fourth place

#28 Cao Qi Audi R8 LMS GT3 EVO Ⅱ No. 11

-Gt Bay Area GT Cup-

Xie An broke into the top three in the audience, Li Chao’s level out of the game

Xie An

The second round of GT Cup in the Greater Bay Area will compete for 12 laps, and the longer distance is required to require the stability of the driver and the car. Xie An’s departure in this round was rapid, and after the start of the leading opponent, the leader was advancing with the third and GT4 groups. As the understanding of the track gradually deepened, Xie An’s speed was getting faster and faster. In this round, he not only stabilized the top three in the audience, but also further improved the circle speed compared to the first round.

Xie An went all the way to advance, and the GTC car with stronger power behind him could not shake Xie An’s position. In the end, Xie An went further yesterday to win the third runner -up and GT4 runner -up!

Looking back on the performance of this weekend, Xie An especially thanked MGM for their help: “Four cars this year have four cars to participate in Grand Macau Macau. Support us to participate. This weekend is a bit slower. There is still a lot of gaps during the practice phase and opponents, but I am glad to reach today’s positive game. The more stable rhythm went forward, and finally took the third place in the audience, thanks for the team! Thank you MGM! “

Li Chao

Li Chao continued to play well on Sunday. He kept the group ranking after starting, and then moved forward steadily. Despite the continuous pressure of Li Chao in the post -competition period, Li Chao was successfully stressed by the rear opponent, but he successfully kept his position and finally successfully won the GT4 team in the third place.

After the game, Li Chao said: “Today, my opponent behind me is very fast, but I am glad that I still keep it. I am very happy to board the podium. This weekend is not bad. The state, but the real level is playing the real level! “

-Macao GT Cup-

Lingkang Chinese driver is the best, Cao Qi is successfully finished


Ling Kang’s first round of the GT Cup on Saturday, he rejected Chinese and foreign masters on the podium, which is impressive. In the second round, Ling Kang won the fifth place in the starting melee and led all Chinese drivers. Later, Ling Kang rose to fourth place. Although the opponent behind him launched a fierce pursuit of Ling Kang, Ling Kang did not leave the opponent’s close opportunity and put attention to the foreign famous generals in front of the pursuit. The circle speed also improved compared to the first round.

In the end, Ling Kang ranked first among all Chinese drivers with the fourth place and won the China GT Macau Station. After the game, he said: “The sight is not very good when the departure, I start in a normal start, and follow in a relatively stable state. I came to Macau for the first time to drive a GT car. I am still satisfied with the results of this weekend. Mei, thank the team for their efforts. “

Cao Qi

Cao Qi, who had encountered an accident yesterday, revived the fanfare again in the battle again. He rose a ranking after the departure, and also maintained a good rhythm after experiencing safety cars. As the first player who drove GT3 racing in Macau, Cao Qi showed good adaptability this weekend, and the speed of lapse was also remarkable.

Cao Qi finally finished the game and harvested the third place of China GT Macau Station. He said he still has room for improvement and will continue to refuel in the future.

In the two rounds of wonderful events in the two rounds, each driver boarded the podium. Phantom Pro Racing Phantom Racing joined hands with MGM for the third consecutive year to fight for the Grand Macau Grand Macau. In the future, Phantom Racing will continue to participate in high -level races at home and abroad, and strive for a more brilliant record!

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