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Han Qiaosheng: The Netherlands 1/8 finals will at least lose in the United States

Qatar World Cup 1/8 finals, the Netherlands team against the United States.Before the game, the famous commentator Han Qiaosheng looked forward to the game.

Han Qiaosheng said: “To be honest, the victory and defeat are unpredictable. The Dutch team has reached the World Cup finals 11 times, the group is qualified 11 times, and 3 times won the World Cup runner -up.Weak, the offense is slightly monotonous. “

“On the other hand, the American team is the youth storm. The characteristics of Xiaoying Ling are extremely obvious, but the head coach compares the axis and is not good at using players who play in Europe., I often have to be divided, and it is likely to be seized by the old and strong Dutch team. “

In the end, Han Qiaosheng said: “I think that in the regular time, the Dutch team will not lose at least, and it is likely to score overtime. Once they enter the overtime, the victory and defeat will be difficult to say.”

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  1. Will it be tied?The knockout match is either winning or losing. What does it mean that it will not lose?

  2. Only wins and defeats, what does it mean to lose?Striked to win?

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