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Han Qiaosheng talked about U15 fake ball: Is there any hope for children to play in Chinese football?

The U15 fake ball incident in Guangdong was dealt with, and Han Qiaosheng made an opinion on this.

Han Qiaosheng: “It was reported on December 25 that the results of the Guangdong Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission reported the results of the men’s U15 fake ball incident in the Guangdong Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission.No indulgence! Penalties have held accountability for 16 personnel.

The punishment this time is quite severe. After the punishment of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Commission for Discipline Inspection also stated that in order to promote the spirit of Chinese sports, we must do a good job in the construction of football, and investigate and deal with the control of the game with zero tolerance.Picking fake balls and other crooked winds, promoting the healthy and orderly development of the football industry.

The punishment is very timely. This is also a precursor to hitting the whole football. Indeed, this youth fake ball is too much.We all say that teenagers are the hope of the future. The future of the national football team is in the development of adolescent football. If these young children who play football are tested on fake balls, what else does Chinese football still have in the future?This time the punishment is stable!Fasting hands!”

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