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Hammer tied the leader of the RSM elite match, the second round of depression, two simple holes were lost



On November 19th, Beijing time, the RSM elite competition was the last official US tour in 2022. Obviously, there were many things to be fighting before 6 weeks of long vacation.

This sentence is definitely suitable for Korhammer, who played 66 at the coastal stadium. He did not have any full card of the tour, and participated through the foreign card this week.

Cole Hammer first advanced in Houston last week. Today, he swallowed Bali on the seventh and eighth holes of the Binhai Stadium. You must know that this is the two easiest holes that day. However, he turned back and attacked 3 feet to catch birds in the No. 9 hole, and the next hole was pushed into 18 feet bird push.

In the rest of the game, he did not swallow a bogey, and continued to be the top leader, and will start from the last group on the weekend.

“I was a little depressed after the seventh hole and the eighth hole. I put myself in the good position of catching birds, but when I left, I swallowed two bogey. In silence, “But when I came back, I sprinted in the No. 9 hole, and then grabbed the birds on the 10th hole. Immediately wiped out those cypress taboos in the two difficult holes. In terms of motivation, it was quite great in terms of self -confidence.”

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