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Halftime-Yuhai injury retreat Xu Xin low shot out of Taishan 0-0 temporary Harbor Harbor

At 19:30 on the evening of January 9th, Beijing time, the FA Cup final was launched, and Taishan, Shandong was in Shanghai Harbor. In the first half, the shot in the sea was resolved by Wang Dalei, and then the harm of the sea was injured. The two sides temporarily 0-0.

In the 16th minute, Shanghai Harbor played a smooth corner kick in frontcourt, passed on the left to the middle of the penalty area, and Yu Hai took a shot with a kick. Wang Dalei quickly closed the goalkeeper to seal the ball.

In the 27th minute, Yu Hai was injured when he was struggling to land. After two minutes of slowing down, he couldn’t persist and was replaced by Li Ang.

In the 28th minute, Shandong Taishan took the ball in the frontcourt. Xu Xin shot his left foot and shot the real buckle.

In the 39th minute, Sun Junhao kicked the Oscar to eat the yellow card. This is the first yellow card in the game.

In the first half of the game, the two sides were temporarily 0-0.

Shandong Taishan starting: 14-Wang Dalei, 4-Jaidessong, 5-Zheng Zheng, 7-Guo Tianyu, 8-Xu Xin, 10-Moisseus, 11-Liu Yang, 25-Felryi, 27-Shiko, 28-28- Sun Junhao, 37-Jixiang

Site: 1-Li Guanxi, 6-Wang Tong, 15-Qi Tianyu, 18-Han Zeze, 19-Delgado, 20-Chen Zhechao, 21-Liu Binbin, 31-Zhao Jianfei, 35-Dai Lin, 36- Duan Liu Yu, 39-Song Long

Shanghai Harbor First Development: 1-Yan Junling, 4-Wang Yichao, 8-Oscar, 11-Lu Wenjun, 15-Li Shenyuan, 16-Zhang Huachen, 19-Muy, 21- Yuhai, 25-Wooden Heatai Tijiang, 28-He Qifu Kato , 39-Hu Jinghang

Substitute: 2-Li Ang, 6-Cai Huikang, 12-Chen Wei, 14-Li Shenglong, 18-Zhang Yi, 20-Yang Shiyuan, 22-Du Jia, 23-Fu Huan, 26-Chen Chunxin, 27-Zhang Wei, 33-Liu Zhurun ​​Run Run , 36-Abrakhan

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  1. Not like a goalkeeper of a professional team!

  2. Yes, it is too stinky

  3. Reply
    Passionatelifelovestolaughandlovelife 11月 16, 2022 at 8:58 上午

    This ball has a good striker who has a good striker than Taishan

  4. The tactics of the Harbor in the first half were very successful. Luneng basically had no chance to get the ball.

  5. Taishan will be defeated. I am a fan of Shandong

  6. Four foreign aid kicks like this

  7. Fortune judgments have done their best, fragmented the normal confrontation competition, try to wear the conventional game time as much as possible, and add a penalty kick. It is good for Ala

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