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Half a catty at 8 two? The Dutch encountered a war -breaking Senegar’s anti -terrorism fee


Senegal War and Netherlands

At 0am on November 22, Beijing time, the 2022 Qatar World Cup Group A will be staged in the second round in the first round. Senegal faces the Netherlands in the Antumma ball. Because the two teams have never met, it is a veritable encounter. In the battle, the two teams before the World Cup did not play warm -up, and relying on pre -match adaptation to the venue and in -team training to adjust the status. Nowadays, the narrow road meets the players’ on -site performance and the coach’s tactical response ability.

Senegal has been in the World Cup twice in the past. For the first time, it appeared in the 2002 Korea -Japan World Cup. The first round of the group stage defeated the defending champion France in the first round of the group stage became famous. Since then, it has entered the top 8 of the top 8. It seems to be the level of dark horses. The second battle was the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Unfortunately, in the 4th round of the group stage, with 4 points with Japan, just because of 2 more yellow cards, he regretted the game. Now 4 years later, he came to the Qatar World Cup. The Senegal team is determined to re -correct himself and strive to go on the group.


Miner’s absence or order Senegal is in a dilemma

Senegal has advanced to the top 10 in the first stage of the first stage of the World Cup African qualifiers with 5 wins and 1 draw. Since then, Senegal has tied to Egypt led by Salah in the top 10 rounds. 2022 World Cup finals. However, before the World Cup, the attack core Mane was suspended for a few weeks of the hemochidal injury and completed the operation in Austria this week. It has completely missed the winter of Qatar. Mane’s absence is a major lighter for Senegal, and the goalkeeper Mondi, defender Kulbari, Tuta, who played for Milan, and Diaolo who played for Leipzig , Becoming the strongest weapon of Senegal’s anti -anti -tactics.

Dutch is currently ranked 8th in the world. Since Qatar occupies the seed team as the host, the Netherlands has become a non -seed team. However, from the overall value of Group A to the contest, the Netherlands is undoubtedly the strongest team in strength and popularity. However, the Netherlands is not the Orange Clothing Legion of that year. Many people are nicknamed as a first -class post -class anti -second -class midfielder and three -current striker. Since the beginning of this year The type of Dutch team is often more impactful.


Depe or the first round of the first round of the group stage

Before the Dutch match, there was also a good news. Derpe, who was a brother in the team, did not heal due to injuries. The coach Van Galr confirmed that Depe was missing with Senegal’s starting position. Van Gal, the third time the European Cup Dutch bleak out of the game, was enough to be satisfactory in the previous World Europe and the European Union’s record. Today, the Netherlands has reached the World Cup finals after eight years. In the past 2010, the two World Cups won the runner -up and third place in the 2014 World Cup.

From the perspective of the Sengar VS Dutch War in the Cai Cai official, the 6.20-3.72-1.41 combination was launched. The stronger Netherlands facing Senegal, which lacks sharp edges. From the scores of the lottery scores, the lowest odds of 1-0 win scores in the Netherlands are 5.20, and the Dutch 2-0 win score odds 5.85 followed closely behind. The 2-1 victory is 1 loss 7.00. The scores of the two sides tied 0-0 and the Netherlands 3-0 victory were 1 loss 9.00. In the context of the first confrontation between the two sides, it seems to have a tendency to the Netherlands Dutch.

In addition, in the guessing of the semi -gameplay of the game in this game, the minimum odds were 1.80, followed by the flat and negative odds, respectively. The difference is not much. It seems that the Netherlands to easily break the Champions League level Senegal’s post -defense system is not easy. The two parties need a process in the first half to adapt to the field and control the rhythm of the game. Who will the victory fall in the event!

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