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Guoqing prepares for the U20 Asian Cup: the future is too much, I hope the results are looking forward to the results

Source: Madexing Dexing Club

Prepare for ING

The U20 National Youth Team in China in 2003 has been temporarily dissolved after the two -week training of Chongqing. The team will re -concentrate on January 15th and will start from Chongqing to Dibai from Chongqing the next day.The final sprint in the 41st U20 Asian Cup final of the 41st U20 Asian Cup.Although the National Youth Team is in the “death team” in less than 2 months, the team has not lost confidence because of various unfavorable situations, and go all out to strive for the team is still the primary goal of the team.


Objective reality is unfavorable for national youth

Frankly speaking, the situation faced by this national youth team is quite severe, especially the result of the group lottery is not ideal.In the same group as the defending champion Saudi Arabia, the Japanese team with the strongest youth in Asia, and the new Central Asian Gilgis team in one group. Most people are not optimistic about the National Youth Team because of this group.The reality of the technical and tactical content in the qualifier group stage is not high.In addition, the U20 National Youth Team will be the national name team of the first context of the battlefield competition in China this year. Can the first “gun” start?Can you see a little hope in Chinese football hovering in the trough?This is obviously more concerned.

Since the National Youth Team qualified in the qualifiers in September last year, the players have never organized training after returning to the club.This New Year’s training organized by Chongqing is the first training after the team’s promotion of the finals. At the same time, it can be said to be the only training before the start of the U20 Asian Cup final.

Compared with the three opponents of the same group, the National Youth Team can be said to have the least preparation time.For example, the Saudi team and the Japanese team, after getting the finals in the final stage last year, organized training in October and November.Saudi Arabia and the Japanese team also went to Spain last November to warm up with the Spanish team, French team, Slovakia, etc.Although the Gilgis team did not go abroad to participate in the warm -up competition, it also organized two training in China.

Although the National Youth Team has re -launched training, a more realistic situation is that due to the impact of the epidemic, various domestic events have been forced to postpone it.: The national youth player has been constantly participating in the competition, and basically never rest.Until the physical function is in an extremely fatigue state, it will immediately turn into a new round of preparation, which will obviously increase the chance of player injury.

In fact, in this training coaching team, he did not dare to take the number of players’ injury.Choose to be temporarily disbanded after the training of January 7th, and I hope to allow the players to have a buffer. After about a week, they will be completely rest.Lay a solid physical foundation for the final stage.Moreover, according to the arrangement and planning of the team’s physical fitness coach, the team is ready to start the “devil training” after arriving in Croatia, focusing on physical fitness as a breakthrough.


The coach and the team directly converge in West Asia

The factors that are not conducive to the U20 National Youth Team are not limited to the situation listed earlier.Although during the National Football Association National Faculty team meeting held in early December last year, Antonio, head coach of the National Youth Team, rushed back to China from Spain and attended the meeting. After the meeting, Antonio returned to Spain.Therefore, the National Youth Team’s training in Chongqing was conducted by the leader and assistant coach Shao Jiayi led the Chinese coaching team.This has to be said to be a big regret. As the head coach, Antonio has been concluded with the team during the period in July during the period in Serbia and Croatia, and then commanded the team to participate in the U20 Asian Cup qualifiers in Saudi Arabia.After leaving after the group stage, all other times are not in China.

In other words, Antonio was less than 80 days before and after the year with players.Moreover, the previous training of the National Youth Team was basically carried out in a remote control. The training plan and request were handed over to the Chinese coaching group, and the Chinese coaching group was specific.And the competitions in the relevant age groups in China, Antonio and his Spanish coach team could not watch on the spot, and it was impossible to dig new faces.

The training in Chongqing’s concentrated training, Antonio and Spanish coaching teams once again regretted absent.Still the same as usual, give the relevant training plan to the Chinese coaching group, and then record the content of the training in the way of remote control, that is, the Chinese team, to pass the video to Antonio, who is in Spain.Opinions, communicate with the Chinese coaching group, and then pay attention to the Chinese coaching team in subsequent training.Although the members of the Chinese coaching group work hard and dedicated, the training of the entire team will still be discounted, after all, the coach is not in office.

However, after the team departed on January 16 to the Pibal to launch the training, Antonio led the Spanish coaching team to meet the UAE to meet with the team, and began to fully responsible for the preparation of the National Youth Team.In any case, the Spanish coaching team headed by Antonio can lead the National Youth Team to hand over a acceptable answer.


Lost confidence in low posture

Although the current situation is very unfavorable to the National Youth Team, the National Youth Team has not relaxed, or use a negative and pessimistic attitude to face the next “big test”.In terms of strength and standards, the national youth is very clear: there is a relatively obvious gap with the two teams of Saudi Arabia and Japan, especially in terms of personal ability and personal technology. In this caseZhou Xuan can only rely on “overall”, “physical fitness”, and “style”.It is obviously not very realistic to improve the personal ability, personal skills and tactics within two months of the finals in the final stage. It is obviously not very realistic.However, the overall aspect can be improved in this period.In the preparation of this period of Chongqing, the content of military training is very important. One is to participate in various military expansion activities. During the event, everyone can further feel that they need the support and cooperation of teammates to complete the task.This is not conspiracy to cooperate with the football game.

It is understood that although the head coach Antonio has not yet been in place, he also instilled the concept of “overall” through the Chinese coach group, and whether the personnel selected, especially the newly called players, can continue to stay in the team.How much help can the team play, not how the player’s personal ability is prominent.With the current level of Chinese football, even if individuals are prominent, I am afraid that single soldiers cannot be compared with Saudi Arabia and Japanese players.During the next overseas training, the Spanish coaching team was confident to achieve new breakthroughs in physical fitness and will.

The current attitude of the National Youth Team is very clear: admitting that the Saudi team of the same group and the Japanese team are the two major popularity of the group, but this does not mean that the Chinese team has no chance at all.Moreover, the team still treats the team as the first goal of the team, and of course, the ultimate goal is to be able to win the U20 World Youth Tournament.In the next preparation, the team hopes to further enhance the self -confidence of the national youth players. Only by first confidence in themselves and put themselves in the position of the weak, can they kill a “blood path”.

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  1. Football is essentially basic skills. Regardless of wild balls or occupations

  2. The Chinese New Year is not allowed to play with their families. It is strange that they can kick well, that is, Chinese football has long -term training.

  3. The New Year is not allowed to be with their family members. There is no humanity. It is strange that it can be kicked so well, that is, Chinese football has long -term training.

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