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Guoan official: Only 5 people are qualified to participate in the Chinese Super League.

On December 30, Guoan officially issued an announcement to abandon the 34th round of the Chinese Super League. The content is as follows:

Affected by objective factors, the players at the Beijing Guoan Football Club can participate in the game seriously and cannot complete the 34th round of the Chinese Super League and the Mounts in Shandong.Based on the attitude of health and safety of our clubs and players, it was decided by our club research to abandon the qualifications of the competition.

As of yesterday’s statistical results, the first team of our club, U21 and U19 echelon players have more than 50 people who have participated in the Super League, only 5 people are healthy, and they meet the participation conditions (including 1 goalkeeper), so they cannot complete the 34th round of the game.Task.

The club is deeply regretful for the unable to participate in the competition.

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  1. What is a horse household?

  2. Nothing to register is not eligible.

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    Ridingamousetofindacat 12月 31, 2022 at 2:57 上午


  4. Yes, so Shandong was originally 7-0 Meizhou, 9-0 Guoan, but unfortunately these two abandoned games can only be counted as 0-3, and they do not chase the ball in Taishan.Opportunities, the Football Association is too dark to Taishan!Intersection

  5. Smart choice

  6. What about Shanghai Port, let you forget it selectively?

  7. The last three games in Shandong: The Toy Army sent one 0: 8 and two abandoned games, including the only Beijing that can threaten Shandong.Fortunately, the three towns won Zhejiang, otherwise it was really wrong.

  8. Reasonable decisions

  9. Pai U8 is the most secure

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